DIY for the boys room

We’re still looking for a new place for us to live, but once we find one (fingers crossed!) I have so many ideas for the new room for the boys! Okay, they are not technically MY ideas, I just found them on Pinterest :) but I can’t wait to start being all creative and make all these cute decorations for their rooms/the rest of the house.

I’ve always wanted to do this, even before Pinterest, but for some reason I haven’t yet. But I’m going to! Of course I still have their tiny tiny clothes that they wore when they were just born (they were so small, only about 4 pounds each and even the premature clothes were too big for them) and I think this is a great way of displaying them instead of just saving them in a drawer (or plastic bag):

Isn’t that sweet? I don’t have their tiny footprints, but I do have their sonograms and birth announcement etc :) This is more for ‘big boys’: how cool is this? I just need to find some old skateboards… :)

I absolutely LOVE this! Maybe because it looks so easy that even I can do it without too much trouble (though I guess we’ll find out in a little bit if we ever find a house), or maybe because it’s a whale (in Portugal we had an underwater theme for the boys room. It was SO cute! I had stickers of little fishies and whales and octopuses and bubbles all over the walls. We had a rug with a whale on it. It was adorable), but I love love love it:

I can’t wait to get started on everything!! :)


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