First Halloween

I’m SO excited! This is gonna be my first Halloween ever!! :D People do celebrate in Holland, but it’s definitely more for grown ups and it’s only something from the last few years. I’ve either never been invited to a Halloween party :-o or there were no Halloween parties when I was in Holland. Last year we lived in Portugal and I think there was some of the bar staff was forced to get dressed up, but nobody else except for the local drunks did it ;) (joking, don’t feel offended if you were one of those who got dressed up!). I couldn’t even leave the house cause we couldn’t find a babysitter who didn’t asked us for way too much money.

Anyway, I’m super excited. I can’t wait to see the boys in their little cute costumes and I hope to find something fun for their mom to wear as well :D I would LOVE to make this Peter Pan costume for Milan (he would look freaking adorable in it) but I don’t think I have it in me to do so.

It’s adorable though! But I really don’t see myself going out and buying fabric and making it. But if you were into that, then this would be a mega super cool costume too:

How cool is that??!!! :D I think my little ones are just a little bit too little for it though, but it’s more than cool! Love it! :)

This one I can even do myself and it’s hilarious:

SO cute and SO funny!!!! :D I might want to put a little more effort in it for their fist Halloween though. But I think we will end up borrowing some from their cousins, to be honest. But what about their mommy? I would love to embrace my slutty side but I don’t want to traumatize the little ones :) What do mommies get dressed up like usually? Should I be Dora? :s Snow white? Minnie Mouse? What are your plans for Halloween? Are you gonna get dressed up? As what? What are your kids gonna do? Fill me in, I really want to know! :)


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