First time

What do you think, is it finally time to let the professionals handle it instead of mommy?

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Yes it was! Time for their first ever real hair cut!!!! :-o (yes, I was was nervous) We went to First Choice. I was actually expecting them to have little cars/planes/animals to sit in for their cut, but they didn’t.

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

My sweet little serious monkey :) He was very impressed with it all! Maybe it had also had something to do with his hairdresser who was NOT the most friendly or patient person in the world. Very rushed. Did not do anything to make Thomas feel at ease. Every time when I said encouraging: “You’re doing great honey!” she said: “DON’T distract him!” Pff..

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Here we go…!!

The girl that was cutting Milans hair was so sweet. She thought Milan was funny and sweet (or did a great job pretending), was super patient and didn’t get annoyed when he was moving his head around or when I was talking to him. I must have been annoying though, taking hundreds of pictures and saying: “I can’t believe it’s so short! You look so handsome!” But hey, it’s my little boys first haircut, I’m allowed to be annoying.

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Thomas was done pretty quick (no wonder, with this not so nice rushed lady). I wish we would (or could. We weren’t given the option) have waited for the nice girl who was cutting Milan, not only was she so much nicer than snappy rushed lady, she was also so much better. Thomas hair looks.. Silly. There, I said it. Thomas is beautiful and funny and sweet and happy, so he can pull it off. But Snappy Rushed Lady could have done a better job! His bangs are mega short and uneven, the back is uneven… :( Sigh.

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Milan took a bit longer to be ready, but look how amazingly cute he looks!! I told him he looks like Peter Pan :) He looks more than a little adorable! The lady behind us in the picture is the nice hairdresser :)


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