Fun day at the beach?

At the last moment we decided to go to the beach today after the nap (and yes, I had a nap too). It was a very hot day today, so it seemed our last minute plan would make everybody happy. Beach, ocean, sun, food… What else could someone ask for?

We packed the diaper bag (diapers, wipes, towels, clothes, sunscreen, boo boo cream – you never know-), a bag full of food (3 bananas, 3 apples, grapes -our boys love their fruit-, 1 nutella sandwich and 1 peanut butter and nutella sandwich -their dad was in charge of packing the food bag- and juice), put bathing suits on the boys and left.

Though the sun disappeared by the time we got to the beach, we had tons of fun. First I went into the ocean with Thomas, where we played in the super high waves (he was on my arm the whole time, so I also had a nice arm workout), and then I did the same with Milan. It was great! They laughed and giggled, I couldn’t stop laughing and we all had a fun time. Until we got out of the water that was. Because then we got attacked by mosquitos. And I really don’t mean four flying around your head and bothering you. No, I mean looking down and seeing five of them sitting on your legs, you hitting them off (or actually just hitting yourself, which causes them to fly away) and two seconds later there’s another five (or maybe the same ones) there. It was CRA-ZY. Me and my huge allergic reaction to mosquito bites were not happy. At all.

After about half an hour fighting the mosquitos and finally realizing it was a battle that we couldn’t win, we ran to the car, scratching. It was pretty bad. I counted 14 bites on my right leg and 26 on my left. I guess my left side is more attractive. The itch was driving me nuts and I wished I was smart enough to have brought the after bite pen. But I didn’t. But then I thought of reading that rubbing the inside of a banana peel on your bite, takes the itch away. And what do you know: there was a banana peel on the floor, almost right beside my chair, thrown there by the boys. Or actually, I think it was the boyfriend, but let’s pretend it was one of the boys so you don’t think we’re totally disgusting ;) So I rubbed it on the bite and… The itch went away!!!!! Almost instantly!! There you go: if you forget to pack your after bite stick, then be sure to not to forget bananas.


bananas (Photo credit: Fernando Stankuns)


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