Good morning!

Oh man, I’m so NOT a morning person. Or a waking up person for that matter. I used to be ok with it, but I guess that was more because I only had a French Bulldog around me, I didn’t have to talk to anybody, did not have to change any diapers when waking up, calmed toddlers down and getting little ones dressed, and all of this before coffee (!!!). I must tell you I was very spoiled before the boys were born, I was a freelance writer working from home so I got up whenever I woke up. Which usually was between noon and three :)

Apparently there are ways to ‘train’ yourself to become a morning person. If you take some time to wake up before getting up, you’ll be more likely to smile. A good breakfast will help too. Maybe even some exercise. And the tip I read most on several websites is going to bed earlier.

Here’s my problem: I’m a night person. And I want to hang out with my boyfriend. It’s impossible to go to bed before midnight, and when I go to bed around that time I have the feeling I’m missing out. Missing out on spending time with the boyfriend. It’s not like we never spend time together, but usually there are two little monkeys hanging on our backs, holding on to our legs, running around and asking us a gazillion questions. So I really value the time alone with the boyfriend, even if we don’t do anything but watching a movie. So no going to bed earlier.

Getting up earlier is NOT AN OPTION. I’m already mega tired, I definitely need more sleep than I’m getting, so I’m not gonna get up earlier. The boys talking to each other wakes me up every morning, and I’m not voluntarily gonna get up before they are just so that I don’t feel so grumpy. More sleep will make me less grumpy, not less sleep. And having breakfast is the same thing: I would have to get up earlier in order to have breakfast before seeing another human being.

I guess I’m just not motivated enough to become a morning person. So I’ll be a grumpy person instead. Oh well, just six more years and they won’t need me in the mornings anymore.. ;)

(I know I posted this picture before, but it’s just so funny -because it’s so true- that I can’t help but posting it again)


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