Hair foods

Meanwhile I’m also trying to get beautiful, soft, shiny hair from the inside: by eating the right foods. There’s a whole list out there for what you should eat to help with your hair, but this is what I eat:

  • Fish Omega 3 found in fish is good for your hair, as well as the iron and B12. Plus, fish is yummy :)
  • Carrots They contain vitamin A which should contribute in the shine, which is exactly what I’m looking for. I have to fight over them with the boys though, they are carrot eating monsters.
  • Eggs for protein and B12. I don’t eat a lot of eggs though, maybe two a week, cause I keep hearing scary stories how bad eggs are for you. I like to believe that if you don’t eat 7 a week you’ll be fine. But that’s just what I tell myself (and the kids ;) )
  • Dark green vegetables for iron and calcium, vitamin A and C. We love the little trees (broccoli)!
  • Bananas for vitamin B6. Another thing I will have to secretly eat in the closet, cause the little monkeys love bananas. Maybe that’s why their hair is so shiny!
  • Yoghurt for protein. Nice, I was always looking for an excuse to eat more yoghurt! :D

Hopefully it won’t take forever to see some results.. I’m not the most patient person in the world, in case you didn’t notice already ;) :D

Beautiful hair

Beautiful hair (Photo credit: LyndaSanchez)


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