Holy volume!

Yes! My package with hair styling products from Kao Canada Inc/Goldwell arrived yesterday!! It was a nice reward after taking the boys to the walk in clinic (they were good boys, but I think it’s always a little bit exhausting keeping my eyes on both of them and -especially- keeping them happy) for their fevers and rashes (‘a viral infection’. I’m sorry, the doctor was really nice, but it seems that every time I bring them to the clinic they say ‘viral infection’). The names were promising: Goldwell Top Whip and Double Boost. The Top Whip is a volume mousse for fine to normal hair and makes the hair feel thicker, has a strong hold and long-lasting volume AND heat and color protection! Nice, I like that I don’t have to use another product for heat protection :) The Double Boost is a volume spray foam for root lift and an ultimate volume boost. This also makes the hair feel thicker and stronger and had heat and color protection.

This time I made sure that the batteries in my camera were charged ;)

Before.. Flatty McFlatterson – Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Out of the shower. I did brush it this time – Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

After putting the Top Whip all over my hair, right before blow drying – Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

After blow drying (not totally dry), before putting in the Double Boost – Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

After using Double Boost on the roots (layered, so not just the top of my head) and blow drying.. Wow is right.. ;) – Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Doesn’t it look great?? Nice and smooth, but still with lots of volume. To be honest: I could have done a better job and it would look better (the volume more balanced instead of mostly above the ears…!) but I wasn’t really expecting it to make such a big difference! I love it! This is one hour after styling, where most products seem to just have disappeared from my hair:

Still pretty after one hour! – Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Look mommy, no ears! :) – Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Holy volume!! :D – Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

The only downside to this product is, that is does get a little hard and stringy (probably because I used a round brush when blow drying), what in my opinion always happens when you put mousse in your hair and blow dry it. But honestly, I LOVE IT! I do I do! It’s 7 hours later now and yes, the volume is a little less, but it’s still perfectly styled, no little hairs sticking out and the ears are mostly covered. Mostly, cause now that the volume is less they want to see the world again. But still, I’m really really impressed with Goldwell Top Whip and Double Boost. The best I’ve found so far!!!!!!!! I mean: check out the difference between the first and last pic! :-o


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