If you are on Pinterest (and who isn’t nowadays?!) you must have seen the next beauty pin about six hundred and fifty four times:

Usually with a comment underneath it saying ‘I tried and it actually worked! My skin didn’t glow like hers, but it was definitely glowing!’ Of course I don’t just take anybody’s word for it, I have to see for myself. When the boyfriend told me this morning he wanted to go to the lake with the boys, I opted to stay home. Home alone for maybe the second time since february 2010? Hell yes! :) Boyfriend agreed and thought he had to comfort me, saying: “Don’t worry about us. You can do all your ‘girl things’ now.” Yes, girl things. That what boyfriend thinks I want to do. And well, I do like girl things. So after watching four episodes of The Bad Girls Club in bed (why in bed? I have no idea. I could have been anywhere in the house, since nobody was there. But for some reason I chose the bedroom), I decided to give this Lauren Conrad Glow a try. I don’t even think she has anything to do with this DIY Mirco-something, someone just put her picture with the recipe. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. The pin was easy to find (search: DIY beauty) so I went for it. Photographic evidence included.

Before. Nice one.. :s


And did it made me glow like L.C.? I don’t know, you tell me:

After – my skin felt clean for sure

Glowing?? Maybe, what do you think?


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