I know that I can’t expect my 2,5 year olds to know how to share. It’s mostly ‘me, me, me’ in their little minds and anything that is theirs or they want to be theirs, has to stay in their hands. Or on the floor. Or in the yard. But definitely NOT in anybody else’s hands!

I have TWO 2,5 year olds, which makes it even harder. Harder on them and harder on me. Just now, this happened:

Location: in the backyard. A beautiful warm, sunny day.

Thomas found a little, plastic, was once red but now pinkish ball on the bottom of the sandbox. “Look mommy, I found a new ball!” He threw it on the ground and it bounced back up. “It’s really bouncy!” (Yes, our youngest is very well-spoken) Milan looked at the ball. “My ball!” He screamed and took the ball from his brother. “No, my ball!” Thomas cried, trying to wiggle it out of Milan’s fingers. “Can’t you share, boys?” I asked. They didn’t even bother answering me but continued screaming, crying and trying to take the ball away from each other. “Why don’t you let Milan hold it for a few minutes?” I suggested to Thomas. He suddenly noticed the ride on tractor and forgot all about the ball. He started playing with the tractor and I smiled and sat back down in my chair, enjoying the silence. That lasted for about 40 seconds. “Milan play with tractor! My ball! My ball!” “No, my ball!” Not something I could deal with after just having 5 hours of sleep cause the boyfriend and I were up most of the night.. Uhm.. talking ;) “Do you guys want do go inside and watch TV all day?” I threatened, knowing they would never want it because of the great weather, the freedom and opportunity to run around outside and play in the sandbox and kiddie pool. “Yes, inside” they both agreed. 

So now we’re inside. The sun is shining outside, I can smell the warm summer air coming through the window and we’re watching Phineas and Ferb. Oh well. At least now I can sit my tired  body on the sofa and chill out. Another sunny day tomorrow, I guess.

Apparently you can teach your 2-year-old to share. Though I must say we do all these things, and sharing is still somewhat of an issue. To be fair I must add that sometimes they do know how to share. Usually when one of them was done playing with the toy anyway, but still, I count that as sharing ;)



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