My kids are hilarious

Our boys crack me up most of the time. Maybe all parents think their kids are hilarious, I don’t know, but I never knew that kids were this funny.

There was one time when Thomas saw that someone had a pimple on his cheek. He pointed and said: “Hey, nipple face!” :D I couldn’t stop laughing.

When I was singing the Beatles, he said: ‘Stop singing that silly monkey song.’ When his brother had to apologize to him for hitting/biting/taking his toy, Thomas said: ‘I don’t NEED sorry’s!’  🙂 I know, it’s a little bit teenager/diva behavior, but it’s super cute on a 2 year old :)

Every time when I fix his hair with gel (cause his bangs are still crocked, thanks hairdresser), he says he looks like a princess. When he hides something, he tells me ‘You’ll never find it now. Ha ha ha.’ (Swiper)

My kids are hilarious. :D


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