Oh those guilty pleasures..

Oh yes I have them: guilty pleasures. And I haven’t told anyone, ’cause I feel guilty about it ;) I have the feeling when I confess my guilty pleasures, people are gonna change their minds about me. Think I’m ‘on the not so smart side’. And I am! I just have a certain taste in TV-shows. I love everything with Gordon Ramsey in it, I can’t help it. The more he yells at people, the more I like it. I even like his new show, Hotel Hell, even though I told myself I wouldn’t watch it ’cause I would only like him as ‘chef’ Ramsay, right? Wrong. I even cared about his opinion about a hotel. I love Hell’s Kitchen and I even love Master chef more :)

But that’s not the part I am ashamed of. That’s not the part that nobody knows about. The shows that I secretly watch on my laptop in bed with my headphones on are Jersey Shore, Snooki and J-Woww and The Bad Girls Club. The last one was just a recent discovery on my part, ’cause I didn’t have the patience to wait a few days for a reality trash fix, so I used tastekid.com to recommend similar shows as Jersey Shore. So I tried Bad Girls Club. And I couldn’t stop. It’s like eating chocolate. ‘Just one more episode’. And it’s never just one more! There’s always another one, and another one and another one. The great thing -that can even make me smile when I think of it, addict that I am- is that I just started watching it, so right now I’m at Season 1, episode 13. And they are airing season 9 now. 8,5 seasons still to watch!!! How happy that makes me!! :D

Why I’m so into it, I don’t know. Boyfriend hates it. It’s not like he wants to lie next to me in bed, share the headphones and love being as shocked as I am with whatever these girls are doing. Maybe that’s why I like it: ’cause it shocks me. I remember living in Portugal, flicking through the channels, when I saw some girl getting smacked in the face by some guy in a bar. I was shocked! Why would someone just punch a girl in the face? I had to watch it and see what would happen next. Hopefully someone would do something about that guy, right? Call the police? Maybe give him a taste of his own medicine (I know, it’s not something I want to teach my kids either, but that though did cross my mind)? And that was it. I couldn’t stop watching it.

Maybe it’s because it’s so easy to watch. I don’t have to think, I don’t have to solve any crimes, I don’t have to put all the symptoms together to in the end finally discover that it wàs Lupus all along (!!), I can just sit back and watch. And giggle. And be shocked. And shake my head in disbelieve to what The Situation has done this time. I freaking love it! I can’t wait till October 4th! And don’t you think less of me! :p


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