Powerful, beautiful, inspirational

Before becoming a mommy, I was fine. I cried sometimes over silly things (like a margarine commercial when I was still living in the Netherlands. See it in Dutch or in English -bad quality-. Or someone winning the ‘Staatsloterij’ -the lottery-) but that was only during ‘that time of the month’. Since I am a mommy I cry over EVERYTHING. Well, not over jam sandwiches or something, but yesterday I cried watching Hell Hotel, cause the chef passed out. Yes, I cried. Yes, I know that was weird. I tear up over happy things in my books, I tear up over beautiful stories, I cry over births, I get teary eyed when the boyfriend tells me about the cute things the boys did when I wasn’t there.. I tear up a lot. I’ve become a wuss! But I’m sure more of you wonderful mommies can relate, it seems that this happens to us girls after we’ve sneezed out babies.

So actually I would advice you to NOT read the next story, if you don’t want to cry. It made me cry, it made me sob, I even scared the boys a little by crying when reading while they were playing with stickers. This is the most beautiful, heart breaking, powerful, inspirational story I’ve read in a long, long time. It will make you sob. You will scare your kids. Wait till they nap. But do read it. It’s beautiful. Powerful. Inspirational.

The Nella Cordelia story.

Make sure you have some tissues within reach.


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