Smooth and shine!

I couldn’t wait any longer! I just HAD to go to the store to pick up my free (!) Dove hair care product. So I took one boy in the car with me (I did not leave the other one home alone, his daddy was there for some father-son time) and drove to the supermarket (where the little guy was super happy that he was allowed to walk around ‘like a big boy’ -so holding my hand- instead of having to sit in the shopping cart). But there was the hard part.. Would I listen to the advice Dove gave me and get the Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Smoothing Cream, or be stubborn as always and pick something else? Of course I went for the stubborn way ;) though I still listened a little bit. I did go for the Nourishing Oil Care line, but I picked the anti-frizz serum over the cream. Just because it looked so nice in its shiny little bottle and it said on the back: ‘Instantly smooth frizz and revitalize shine without weighing hair down Lightweight formula enriched with a blend of  Argan and Almond oils. Instantly absorbed to leave no greasy feel. Deeply nourishes to smooth and tame even the most unruly hair’. And that was what I was looking for, right? Well, that and volume, but that combination did not seem to exist in the Dove collection. And seriously, whoever came up with that text should get a raise, cause they make it sound SO good! :-o I just could NOT leave it in the store. The little man liked it too, he pretended to drink it all the way from the hair care isle to the register ;)

And miss Impatient as I am, when we got home I couldn’t wait till I had to wash my hair again (I just did so yesterday), so decided just try it right away. My camera was low on battery but I just could not wait. I don’t know how patient people do it. Of course, first some before pictures:

Very dry… Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

The little hairs – Copyright Real Mommy Sarahdewi

The product that I took home with me (after paying tax)

Dove Nourishing Oil Care

Way smaller by the way then I thought it would be when I saw the pictures online! 40 ml, just tiny..

Silly pic, but to show you the size – Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

It also has step by step how to use instructions on the package, which I LOVE. Tell me what to do, tell me what the best way is! Another reason why I picked the anti-frizz serum over the leave-in cream. It says to dispense 2 to 3 pumps into palms, rub hands together and smooth evenly throughout damp hair. Avoid roots. No need to rinse. Style as desired. Apply to dry hair anytime to tame frizz and fry-aways.

So I pumped 2 times (3 times seems just too much, though only a tiny bit comes out. The bottle is just too small to justify 3 pumps!), rubbed my palms together, bend over and carefully put it in my hair. It smells SO GOOD! And if feels SO GOOD! I could almost FEEL my hair absorbing all the oils haha! I loved it! And when I looked in the mirror, I even loved it more :) I got my camera to record this for you and… The batteries were dead. Silly me. So I got my computer to use Photo Booth for the after pictures:

Its amazing how more shiny, healthy and soft it looks! Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Pretty, smooth, shiny! Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Yay! I love it!! And I’m not just saying that because I got a free coupon. I love it! It made my hair perfectly smooth, soft and shiny, though that is also what the problem is: it’s very soft so guess who showed his ‘face’ again after not too long..??

Yes, welcome back Mr. Ear! (take a closer look, its def there) – Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

So I guess it’s finding a combination of this wonderful serum together with a volume mouse/shampoo/spray/treatment. And I also want to know what my hair will look like after using the serum on damp hair! I can’t wait! And I’ll keep you posted! :)


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