The path to good behavior

We all want our kids to be polite and well-mannered. My boys are on the right track: when one gives a toy -for example- to his brother, his brother says: “Thank you Milan” and then Milan says: “You’re welcome Toto!” :) It’s so sweet and makes me smile and feel proud every time it happens. I also like them to say ‘Hello’ when they walk into a room with people and “bye” when they leave. And say please and thank you. They are very good boys when it comes to all this, though sometimes they need a reminder. According to you can teach your kids manners at any age, even when they are under 1 year old!

With toddlers you can really practice good manners, like telling them to be gentle and telling them about sharing when toddlers fight over a toy. It might not have an immediate effect (like with my boys, they still have a hard time sharing lots of the time), but at least you’re preparing them for the future. Encourage them to help you clean up after they are done playing (I always let them do it before going to bed for either their nap or for the night). They won’t be the biggest help, but they learn to pick up after themselves and that mommy isn’t gonna do everything for them ;)

I really like that my boys are polite. I make sure they always say thank you when they get a cookie from someone, I don’t allow them to talk to me in a disrespectful way just because it makes me feel bad. Hopefully the good manners will continue and they will be sweet, polite and fun teenagers. And not the grungy, FTW, angry at everything, all black wearing, lock herself in her room and slam doors, 20 eye Dr Martens, RATM listening, Nirvana loving, smoking, write on bedroom walls teenager their mommy used to be.. :-o (Did I get carried away there?? Sorry :D )


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