Toe cracks

Someone gave me a pair of flats. Cute, red and black, flat. I’ve never worn flats in my life (I always always always wear sneakers, sometimes my doc Martens 20 eye boots, and in Portugal I almost only wore my flip flops) but I was willing to give it a try. For some reason the ‘toe cracks’ that show freak me out (yes, I call them toe cracks just like butt cracks) and they usually do in flats. I don’t know why, I just don’t like seeing them. It disturbs me. I want to shove coins in them (yes, I do know I’m weird. Am I the only one having problems with toe cracks??). I can’t help it. But I am 32 and I have to get over that. So I really intended to wear them, specially cause I kept seeing really cute outfits on Pinterest with the flats. But when I put them on, they seemed to be my good old flip flops disguised as flats. They kept flipflopping off my  heels. No fun. So I threw them in the back of my closet and hoped my feet would magically grow a little.

I never thought of them anymore, until the cute outfits combined with flats started popping up on my Pinterest again. And I decided to see what I could do to shrink my flats. I couldn’t really make them more useless for me anyway, so I could take the risk. One site advised me to get them wet and either put them out in the sun to dry or use the blow dryer. There was not even a little bit of sun here today, so I put them in the sink, got them wet and got my blow dryer out. When they were finally dry, I excitedly put them on my feet.. To discover they did not change in size. They were exactly the same, though maybe in a little bit of a weirder shape cause they weren’t comfortable anymore. Again I figured I had nothing to lose, threw them in the washing machine, turned the temperature on hot and pushed the start button. I have never, ever washed anything on ‘hot’ and started to get a little worried when I saw how hot the water actually was, but it was too late and I couldn’t wear them before anyway, so if I couldn’t wear them after I wouldn’t have lost anything. I did decide to not throw them in the dryer, just because I couldn’t wait that long to see the results, so I got my blow dryer out again. I didn’t even completely dried them, as I mentioned on one of my blogs before: I’m not the most patient person in the world (I really wonder what a day in the life of the most patient person in the world would look like. With a lot of waiting, I bet). I put them on and… You will not believe this: A PERFECT FIT! Honestly!! I can actually wear them (as soon as I got rid of the tanning lines that my flip flops left behind. I know, it’s silly, but usually I don’t have to worry about these things)! Just like on all these cute Pinterest outfits. I just need to get comfortable with them, cause I’m so used to my sneakers that I kinda think this looks silly on me. But I’ll get used to them.

Now the only question is: will I be able to get over the toe cracks..?! :-o

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi


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