Best avocado recipe ever!!

I love avocados. So do the boys. The boyfriend not so much. The boys and I usually eat them ‘like they are’: i peel them, cut them in little pieces and snack on them. Most of the times I add a little lemon juice, sometimes (usually when it’s just me) some salt. But I’ve never really used them for dinner. Until I stumbled upon this site with a 15 minute creamy avocado pasta recipe. Sounds delicious, so I didn’t mind giving it a try. And my, oh my, did I enjoy it! This is the best (and easiest) avocado recipe ever!!!!

For 2 adult and 2 little ones:

  • enough spaghetti for all of you
  • one garlic clove
  • three ripe avocados
  • lemon juice (or squeeze fresh lemons, I’m sure that’s even better)
  • olive oil
  • salt

I cooked spaghetti for the four of us. I suck at the measurements though, I always make too little. Even when I put it in the pan, add some to be sure, and then add some more just to be extra sure there is enough, it’s still not enough in the end. Whatever. Next time I’ll make even more :)

While the spaghetti was cooking, a cut one garlic clover into tiny pieces. I peeled and cut three avocados and put all of this, with about 5 tbsp of lemon juice (I didn’t measure it, kinda went with my instinct but I used a little too much), a little bit of salt and about 4 tbsp of olive oil in the blender until it was smooth and creamy.

When the pasta was done, I drained and rinsed it, put it in a bowl and put the sauce in there too. I mixed it with a fork so every bit of spaghetti was green, put it on the plates and served it. It was delicious! Even the boyfriend liked it!!!! The boys not so much, they didn’t even want to try it because it was green (…) but don’t let that stop you! I thought they would freak out over it and would empty their plates in minutes, since they love spaghetti and avocado, but I guess you can never predict a toddlers behavior.

Check the Oh She Glows website for better measurements and pictures. It’s worth it!!! Enjoy :)



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