Cold remedies that will hopefully make a difference

Honestly, this is the worst winter ever. We’ve been sick for more than a month now, one cold after the other. And I’m sick of it! Luckily the boys didn’t catch most of them (which makes me wonder: what are they doing what we don’t???), but me and the boyfriend are miserable. My solution is to just ignore it. Complaining won’t solve anything, and there is no option for mommies to stay in bed a few days to get better. There are some things you can do to get better quicker though:

  1. Blow your nose (the right way). It’s better to get it out then to leave it in, but if you blow too hard you can blow the germs into your ear passages, which will cause earache. So blow gentle out of one nostril while covering the other.
  2. Tea! I love tea :) Hot drinks relieve nasal congestion, help you hydrate and soothe inflate membranes. I always start the day with a cup of earl grey with milk and throughout the rest of the day I drink tea in all sorts of flavors without caffeine.
  3. Gargle with salt water to relieve dry, scratchy throats.
  4. Get enough rest. Though it’s pretty much impossible when you’re a parent, do rest every chance you get. Nap when your kids are (yes, we are very lucky our 3 year olds still nap.. For 2 hours!!!! :D :D:D ), stretch out on the the couch when you get the chance and sleep more hours in the night.
  5. Chicken soup! I’m actually very lucky to be sick the whole time, because chicken soup and tea are both high on my list of favorite things :) Chicken soup slows down inflammation and soothes sore throats. And it’s yummy too.
  6. Garlic fights viruses and bacterias! You can eat raw garlic cloves if you feel the need to (I have not tried this, even though I’m a huge garlic lover eating them raw doesn’t really appeal to me) or just put some in your chicken soup or supper.
Good luck everybody and get better soon!!
To make you feel better right now, a nice summertime picture:

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