Cut your own side bangs

I’ve cut my own bangs since.. Forever. No, that’s actually not true. I used to have the same old boring haircut and style for years and years and years (long and layered). Until I decided I wanted something else. Something funky. I googled ‘funky haircuts’, found one I liked within minutes, copied the picture to my phone and walked across the street to a hairdresser. When I showed them the picture, the hairdresser said she didn’t think it was a good idea for me. Three other hairdressers couldn’t wait to see what I picked out for myself and all agreed this was the worst idea for my hair and face shape. Which just made me more determined to go through with it. She started chopping it off, using scissors and razors, and I avoided the mirror, staring at the floor. When she was done, I heard her say: “It actually looks really good on you!” And it did :) From that day on, I had ‘sort of bangs’. They are not full on bangs, but more sidebangs. They grow out quickly, and when I think of it I get the razor and cut them myself. They varied  in length and style, but it almost always works out :)

When I just came from the hairdresser – Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

The sort of bangs I cut myself:

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

But lately I kinda forgot that I even had bangs, so they were basically nonexistent. But on Pinterest I found a super easy ‘How to Cute your Own Sidebangs’ tutorial. No razors, just scissors and five minutes of your time. Why not? Ok, I was a little nervous, but ready for something ‘new’.

This is the before picture:

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Like I said: nonexistent..

The first step is to part your hair down the middle. They actually said to flat iron the hair that you’re cutting if you’re cutting dry (I have always been told to NEVER cut your bangs wet! It makes it longer and then when it dries your bangs will be too short!), but I thought that didn’t apply to me since my hair was super straight today. The next step is to create a triangular part, from the pupils up.

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Seriously, this took me the longest. It was crazy, but I couldn’t make the triangle. Grr.. This was the best I could do. Kinda triangley, right?

Next you brush the hair to the opposite side where you want your bangs to fall and twist them towards the back of the head. Here is where I started getting scared :)

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

I also started to think I didn’t have enough hair in my hand, since there was way more hair on the tutorial. I ALMOST started over again with more hair, but voted against it thinking I could always do it again after cutting this little part of. If I would cut off too much in the first place there would be a problem..

Next you cut parallel. I want the emphasis to be on my eyes, and according to the tutorial I had to cut it way shorter than I felt comfortable with, so I did what I thought was best :D I’m all about following instinct instead of following instructions :) I was really really nervous though. I almost didn’t do it. But I did. I cut!

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

And letting go – I was scared…!! ‘What have I done?!’ :-o

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

After brushing it the right way and styling it a little:

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

I actually like it! :)


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