Daddy has a tattoo – Worldwide giveaway!

***This giveaway has ended now. You can not enter the giveaway anymore****

I have a tattoo. Well, actually I have three. My first one was a pretty little heart on my ankle, my second was the first letter of my name on my belly and the third was a star on my hip (which is actually a cover up..!). I would LOVE to get more, but tattoos are expensive… Plus, I’m not sure what and where. I want to do something with the boys names/births, but I haven’t gotten it figured out yet. I love my tattoos and I do not think you can judge anyone by how they look, and definitely not because they have tattoos!

“Daddy Has A Tattoo” , the newest book in the Tattoo-series, was just released in early November in paperback and tells the story of a little boy named James and his best friend Polly. James loves his daddy’s tattoo and Polly is crazy about parrots. Together they use their imaginations to solve a mystery while learning all about the many kinds of people who have tattoos!  The story encourages imagination, leverages the natural fascination children have for tattoos to get them reading, and teaches that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover… Especially when it comes to tattoos!

“Mommy Has A Tattoo” tells the story of James, a little boy who’s afraid of his new heavily tattooed neighbor, until he learns that his mommy has a tattoo, too!

Mommy Has A Tattoo, the first book in the series, is the perfect way to start a fun, light-hearted conversation with your toddler about body-art, tattoos, or the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” The book has been available to wide success in hard cover, for seven years and has just been relaunched mid November in soft cover/paperback.

Both entertaining children’s books were written and illustrated by Phil Padwe (who also has created two Tattoo Coloring Books) and are packed with pages of expressive, full color drawings. They are available on Amazon and by request in your bookstore. They will be available in E-book apps in early December.

The author Phil Padwe, who is heavily tattooed himself, is a working freelance illustrator and exhibiting fine-artist who resides in New York City with his wife. Phil has been spreading the message of “Teaching Tattoo Tolerance” in and around the NYC/tri-state area for years.

Phil Padwe at an author reading at Barnes & Noble

You can’t wait to read the books to your little one(s) like me? You’re in luck! Cause Real Mommy’s Blog has a great world wide (!!!!) giveaway where you can win ‘Daddy has a Tattoo’!!!!! How cool is that?! :)

All you have to do is leave a comment below (do fill out your email address so I can contact you!) OR leave your email on the feedback form (left side of the screen) before December 12th and who knows, maybe you are the lucky winner who will get this amazing book send home! Don’t forget to share with your friends!! :)

Good luck everyone!


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