DIY facial

I always used to be fresh faced, my skin basically without any problems and very easy to take care of. But not lately. I don’t know if it’s stress, moving to a different part of the world or just (yes I’ll say it) getting older but my skin isn’t looking so fresh anymore. It’s a little dull looking, not so smooth anymore and well, just not what it was. I’ve used (homemade) masks, scrubs etc, but it wasn’t the miracle cure. Until I gave myself a facial yesterday! And my face hasn’t been this smooth, soft and silky since.. Well before we moved here! This is what I did:

1. I started with a steam after cleaning my face with a nice face wash. Since I don’t have any fancy face steamers (and I also do not think that’s even a little bit necessary) I boiled some water, poured it in a bowl, put a towel over my head and the bowl and sat there for about 5 minutes. I could feel my pores open! Be careful when you do this though, boiled water is hot and you do not want to burn yourself.


2. After the 5 minute steam I put on the baking soda scrub and gave my face a good (but gentle!) scrub. Because your skin is soft and moist and your pores have opened because of the steam, the scrub will work extra well.

3. With the scrub still on, I returned to steaming for a few (2 or 3 minutes). Just because.

4. With a warm damp towel I took the remaining scrub off. And put a honey milk mask on. I did not make this one myself, but it’s super easy to make. Just mix milk and honey together and put it on your face with a cotton pad. If you’d like a more detailed description on how to do this, just google ‘diy honey milk mask’ :) Of course you can use any mask you want/need at this point.


5. After about 10 minutes I took the mask off with a warm, damp towel and put my night cream.

And that was it! Easy and effective. Turns out all my face really needed as a little TLC! Let me know how this worked for you!


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