Halloween ghosts and spiders

What Pinterest has done to me is make me think everything is easy. Lose weight? No problem, there are hundreds of before and after pictures on Pinterest with the text ‘This really helped me!’ and ‘Best weight lose program!’. Want to make art? Melt crayons on a piece of paper, the how to is easy to find on Pinterest. Want to make a play kitchen for your toddler? No problem. DIY bracelets, t-shirts, everything you can think of. And everything is ‘easy’. So when it was raining and someone on Facebook suggested that I would make Halloween decorations with the boys, in my head they would look something like this:

And this:

I didn’t follow instructions, but I was convinced I could make this or something similar without any problems. Boy, was I wrong. First of all: what do these moms do? Do they just trace their kids hand, and then send them on their way so the moms can cut and decorate it? Cause that seems to be the only way you can get this done as perfect as it is on Pinterest. When you let your boys be in on the fun, it’s a whole different story. I traced hands, cut them out (quickly, quickly, cause patience is not a word that is found in a toddlers vocabulary), put dots on it where the eyes and mouth should be and then give them crayons to let them decorate. I know ghosts usually are white, but that’s no fun for the boys. And I wasn’t really looking to have crafty fun myself, I wanted to boys to have fun. So this is the result..

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Do they look like ghosts? Not really. Are they scary? Not at all. Hmm…

This was done in a few minutes time, so quickly I thought of making a scary spider. How? I thought I could make one with a toilet paper roll. With impatient boys screaming “My spider! My spider!” I cut some legs from construction paper, glued them with the speed of light on the toilet paper roll and handed it to the boy sitting closest to me, telling him to start coloring it with crayons. Then, even quicker cause boy number two was losing his patience badly and started throwing crayons across the room, I cut out more legs and glued them on the second toilet paper roll that I -thank god- found in the trash can. When boy number two finally had his ‘spider’ boy number one already had enough of his and decided he did not want to color it and it was time to get off the chair and start running around. I went for the easiest way to make a spider web (draw it on paper), glued the spider on it (after coloring it, I admit, it was me), and told the boys to draw bugs in the web so the spider would have something to eat.

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

What? You don’t see a spider in this little piece of art??!!!


Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi

Well… I tried. It doesn’t even look a little bit as I thought it would, and the boys did not really have fun doing it (more melt downs than smiles during this art project), but hey, we tried.. :)


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