Kids say.. 2

I said it before and I will say it again: my kids are hilarious :) They are!! They say things that make me laugh loudly, even if it’s something I shouldn’t be laughing about. And sometimes what they say is just cute. Like that they call Winnie the Pooh ‘Tee-tee Pooh’. Or playground ‘pling plawnk’ (not sure how to write that).

A few months ago the boys were playing in their pajamas (the total snap ones, from ankle to top) when the snaps in between his legs got un-snapped. “Look mommy!” he called. “A window for my diaper!” :D

Where he gets the next one from, I honestly don’t know, but it cracks me up every time he mentions it. When I got him undressed for the shower, he said: “Look at my piemel!” (the Dutch word for what’s in between his legs. Say ‘pee-mol’. Kinda.) He continued: “I am a boy, I have a piemel. You are a girl.” ‘Oh my,’ I thought. ‘What’s gonna come now?’ “You have a toaster.” :D

Today I needed to go to the supermarket and I promised the boys ‘a special treat’. Driving back I gave them the yoghurt tubes I bought. Thomas, eating his yoghurt happily in his car seat: “You did wonderful mommy!”


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