Up the Dutch

When we were still living in Portugal, our boys didn’t really speak yet, but they spoke more Dutch than English. Now that we’ve been living in Canada, they speak more English than Dutch. Most of that is logical (everybody speaks English, just one person speaking Dutch), part of it is my fault because I always have the feeling I’m rude when I speak Dutch with them with other not Dutch speaking people around. Which is kinda all the time. So there is not a lot of Dutch speaking going on here.

When I speak Dutch to them, they do understand everything, but they answer in English.  Which is a shame. Cause they are Dutch too and I would like for them to be fluent in Dutch also. So I’m gonna ‘up’ the Dutch a little. Reading more Dutch books (uhm, that my parents will have to send to me first.. ;)Papa, mama, we hebben Nederlandse boeken nodig! ;) ) with them, watching Dikkie Dik and Nijntje (they love them both), and not feeling rude anymore when I speak Dutch. I should encourage Dutch, cause in her book Raising Bilingual Children, Carey Myles says “Bilingualism has been linked to a variety of positive cognitive benefits, including early reading, improved problem-solving skills, and higher scores on the SATs, including the math section.” So I’m gonna get off my blog now, so I can put on Dikkie Dik for them ;)

Happy weekend!

A few months ago in our Dutch clothes :) Copyright Real Mommy SarahDewi


2 thoughts on “Up the Dutch

  1. Annie M.G. Smith may certainly not forgotten on the list of literature to be read every night before bed time. Chr. Van Abkoude his books about Pietje Bell may also be nice for your boy.

    Veel leesplezier.

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