Queen’s Day

Every Dutchman knows ‘April 30th’. It’s only the biggest, best party in Holland. It’s Queen’s Day (Koninginnedag)! We celebrate our Queen’s birthday, but I don’t think anyone really thinks of that. For me, and I guess most people, Queen’s Day is: orange, beer, dancing in the streets, national holiday, sun, boats, vrijmarkt (‘free market’ a flea market on the streets) but most of all: FUN.

There is nothing like Queen’s Day. Queen’s Day is crazy. Specially if you also celebrated Queen’s Night the night before, which is basically the same thing except for the free market and it’s dark outside. Usually I celebrated Queen’s Night till about 6 in the morning, went to sleep for about 4 hours and got up to celebrate some more. Queen’s Day.. What’s not to love? 😉

Queen’s Day is not just for crazy party people though. Kids love it too, cause there is fun stuff for them to do (not just getting great toys for cheap at the free markets) like face painting and other games. You can find cool clothes at the free market if you don’t mind second hand (which I don’t), buy space cake (I wasn’t talking about ‘for kids’ anymore), find records (vinyl) and more fun stuff. Go see famous Dutch artists perform on one of the many stages in the city, less famous artists on the smaller stages, see the Queen visiting some silly old town, or, like yesterday, see her son become the new Dutch King. Pretty cool 🙂

I love Queen’s Day. Missing home is worst on April 30th. Every year I tell myself we will be in Amsterdam next year on the last day of April, and it has never happened. Maybe next year, on the very first King’s Day! That should be fun. If you ever plan a trip to Holland, make sure you’re there when the biggest party of Holland is happening!



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