Best and cheap DIY anti-frizz hairspray!

I have tried everything to fight the frizz since moving to Canada. Before coming here I had never, ever experienced frizz, but something in the air here makes my hair frizz like crazy. I could blow dry it, step outside and had a whole lot of frizz within minutes. I bought every product available (spend way too much money on it) to help me with the frizz: frizz ease serums, sleek and shine serums, anti-frizz shampoos, but nothing helped. I started changing the way I washed and dried my hair, but as soon as I walked outside it started frizzing again. I gave up, I started to embrace the frizz and style my hair that welcomed frizz. Which was great, but I’m not always in the mood to put my hair up. So I figured I had to think of something myself. And I got it. The easiest, bestest and cheapest (!) DIY anti-frizz spray ever. It has worked perfectly so far, has never let me down AND (nice bonus) have left my hair softer and shinier than ever! AND it’s all natural! No harmful hair drying alcohol as in most hair products you buy in the store! Yay! 🙂

All you need for this fabulous spray is a spray bottle, olive oil (nourishes, conditions, and improves the strength and elasticity of your hair), jojoba (nourishing substances such as vitamin E, A, D, and antioxidants) oil and water.

Add two tbs olive oil and one tbs jojoba oil to the bottle and add water. This is the ‘tricky’ part: I can not exactly tell you how much water to add. For me it was a lot of water, I filled the bottle to the top with water and then had to pour some out so I could add more. I tried it on a little bit of hair and every time when it came out too oily for my hair, I added some more. Eventually I must have ended up with maybe a teaspoon of oil to a spray bottle of water, but that worked for me. You have to try yourself to see how much oil your hair can handle without ending up looking greasy.

When you have your perfect mix, shake well before using and just spray a little of it on your hair (wherever you need it, for me it’s my crown) after washing and before drying it, before going it or whenever you feel you need it. I use it after the shower and comb it through with my fingers before drying it, which even makes my hair smooth after blow drying it. Sometimes I need a little extra (when it’s extra humid outside) and just give it a little spray before going outside. It works perfectly, I have not had ANY (or at least 90% less) frizz since! I’m so happy! 🙂 Look at this picture: my hair is so sleek on a super humid day! I hope this works for you too!

Outside on a humid day!!!!!!!!! This DIY anti-frizz spray is amazing!

Outside on a humid day!!!!!!!!! This DIY anti-frizz spray is amazing!


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